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Silver WhizCoins can be earned by referrals under our “Refer & Earn” Programme and also by accumulating Activity Points. Gold WhizCoins can be earned only when anyone joins our platform under our Internship Programme and are paid as Whizards.

When any tutor/non-tutor signed up with our platform answers a question posted in the “Whizard Community”, then they earn Activity Points. Activity points can also be earned by uploading study notes and power point presentations on our website. These points will be transformed into WhizCoins and transferred into bank accounts as remuneration.

Activity Points are important to keep the Whizard profile active and relevant to search results. In case, Activity Points are not added for a month, the Whizard profile is deemed inactive and suspended from search results until the time the profile is reactivated by adding new Activity Points. Activity Points are convertible to Silver Whiz coins which can be redeemed into bank accounts, where 10 Activity Points= 1 Silver Coin and 1 Silver Coin= Rs. 1.

It is our flagship online community comprising of students, parents, and teachers. Any question or doubt relevant to the field of study can be posted here, by students or parents, and will be answered accordingly by our Whizards.

It can be done in two ways:

By purchasing Premium Tutor Ad Plans- Monthly or for a longer tenure.

By increasing Activity Points and staying on the Leaderboard to get featured in Whizard Community

Anyone signing up as a tutor on our platform, will have to fill up their location preference in their profile. Tutors need to travel only according to their nearest location preference according to their profile.

We shall set the rates for the Whizards after a thorough discussion with them and the remuneration will be decided upon, according to the tutor’s preferences as well as keeping in view the current market rates.

Whizards receive recommendations and reviews from the students they have catered to, according to their performance as a tutor through monthly feedback forms. This is reflected on their profile as ratings and they are added to the leaderboard accordingly. Also, on the completion of the minimum tenure of 6 months with our platform, we will provide Internship Certificates to our Whizards which will add to their resume.


Whizards will be paid monthly, with their remuneration for the tuitions provided, being transferred to Gold WhizCoins which can be redeemed into their bank accounts at any time, according to the tutor's request of withdrawal from the site, or it can be collected directly through cash payment from our office. In case of cash payment, a request has to be submitted two days prior to their visit.